Friday, April 16, 2010

DSM begins!

well well well... as this is my first blog and my first post within my first blog, i guess i better explain myself. Ryan is my name and reading 40k fiction is my game. over the last year i have developed and unhealthy addiction to Black Library Fiction, specifically 40k. i have in the past completed a number of book reviews on my fav 40k forum 'Heresy Online', which ill transfer over to here. what i intend to do with this blog is to chronicle and review my journey though the BL's treasure trove of 40k books and audio books. as i complete each book, ill write up an indepth review (and before you whinge ill try and be as spoiler free as i can!) so give you guys an insight into whats good... and whats not in the 40k universe. all opinions will be my own so if you dont like it... deal with it.

where will DSM go from here? i dont know. for now lets just get this party started with a few reviews of titles ive read a while ago.

Death to the false god!