Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up Coming Horus Heresy Releases

If your like myself and live and breathe Warhammer 40k fluff you will no doubt be drooling with anticipation waiting for the next book in the the current Horus Heresy series. I know I am. A quick look on the Black Library website today reveals a few up coming releases for the Horus Heresy series of books over the next 12 months. They include:

Nemesis By James Swallow - Due August 2010

Should be a cracker of a book! As the Imperium sends Assassin's to take out Horus before his rebellion can get fully undeway. Horus himself sends an Assassin(s) to take out the Emperor! looking forward to seeing how this all plays out against the back drop of events post Istvaan V. Till now, Assassin's of the Imperium have been very 'cloak and daggers' and little is know about how they operate or their structure. This book should shed some light on their (until now) mysterious existance...

Aaron Dembski-Bowden's first entry into the Horus Heresy. Finally we get a look into where the whole Horus Heresy began. Within the ranks of the Word Bearers Legion! Look forward to characters from the Word Bearers such as Primarch Lorgar, Kor Phaeron and Erebus really getting fleshed out. Should be dark and powerful... Well we can only hope!...

If your like me you'll be wondering what ever happened to poor Nathanel Garro of the Death Guard after the events of Flight of the Eisenstein. Well as it turns out... A LOT! Not sure what will happen in this audio book but rumours are around Garro may be the first ever memember of either the Inquistion or the Grey Knights! Can't wait to find out what...

Prospero Burns By Dan Abnett - Due January 2011

The long overdue twin book of A Thousand Sons. Tells the same tale as A Thousand Sons but from the side of the Space Wolves and Primarch Leman Russ. Look forward to many questions from A Thousand Sons being answered and Dan Abnett's new take on a less 'beer drinking viking cliche ridden' Space Wolves, something Bill King created with Ragnar in Space Wolf and its accompanying series. Finally the battle of Prospero comes to its thrilling conclusion.

As said earlier, This audio book looks to further flesh out Garro after the events of Istvaan V. Read into the blurb in the link what you will.

Not sure about this one, may be a collection of short stories centered around the events between Istvaan V and the Seige of Terra. This 'Age of Darkness' if you will took around 7 years and many events took place between this time period. Should be a bit like Tales of Heresy, but set after Istvaan V. Not much info on this book yet so all I have said is of my own opinion. REALLY looking forward to this one, even if it is nearly 1 year away.

Well there you go, plenty of Horus Heresy stuff churning out of the Black Library as we speak. The Horus Heresy is my favorite series of books and i look forward to the next release of each installment. Keep posted on DSM as i will be reviewing each and every one. Review of Raven's Flight should be up within the fortnight if i can fit it in between changing nappies!

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